Bron Bron makes it to Los Angeles and all I can think about is traffic

I don’t know about you, but I live in LA. I moved here from Brooklyn. And note, I made the move before it was a thing.

There are a few things you hear about LA as an outsider. Some will say the people are fake, some will say the weather is amazing, some will question your restaurant menu selection decisions and ask if you’re on a juice cleanse which apparently is a very LA thing. Oh and don’t forget the literal hours you’ll spend in traffic just to get across the street.

This week the news broke that LeBron James has been traded to The Lakers. We can go into stats, records, highlights, charity foundations and hairlines as we speak about Brother James. We can talk about championship rings, the likelihood of new championships, team chemistry, age, the characteristics of a leader and more and more.

Some people, I’m sure are excited. Shit. Look at how quickly the LA LeBron jerseys sold out. I get it. This is big news. But what I know for sure is the millions of more dollars that man received from the deal won’t go in my pockets, I also know I won’t be the one shouting, stomping and hollering once he makes is one trillionith dunk or fairytale flop in effort to draw the foul.

I know this deal will make my damn commute longer. So let me wrap this post up so I can get on the road before traffic gets even worse than it already is for now. I’ll let you know how my green vegetable juice tastes during my ride. How do you feel about King James in the City of the Crips and Bloods?




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